iStock_000016442205XSmall.jpgAs of 11:50 p.m. on November 1, 2011, the City and County of Denver Coordinated Election results were in.  By a margin of 66,719 votes (64.02%) against to 37,498 votes (35.98%) in favor, Ballot Initiative 300 – the Denver Paid Sick and Safe Time Ordinance, failed. 

I wrote about this proposed new legislation that would impact employers and workers in the City and County of Denver in my prior blog post: Proposed Denver Paid Sick and Safe Time Ordinance: Nothing to Sneeze At

As pointed out by the National Restaurant Association in a recent Huffington Post article, businesses on the whole are not opposed to providing sick leave for their workers, but are opposed to the poorly worded legislation that had unintended consequences.  It looks like Denver voters resoundingly agreed.